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The world’s first ultra-precise 3D microlocation system

Humatics is pioneering microlocation technology, offering centimeter- and millimeter-scale positioning that is faster, more precise, and affordable than any existing 3D positioning or location tracking technology on the market. Our Spatial Intelligence Platform™ will revolutionize how people and machines locate, navigate and collaborate in the connected world.


The Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform comprises the KinetIQ 100 and 300 product lines which offer unprecedented precision down to 2 centimeters for 1- to 3D industrial application requirements, while the KinetIQ 1000 will change the game with millimeter-scale object tracking from a distance. KinetIQ OS brings it all together with a smart, intuitive browser-based software tool.


The Spatial Intelligence Platform™ has a multitude of applications in the industrial automation and manufacturing markets where high precision can dramatically improve safety, efficiency and productivity. In these markets, precision drives performance.

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Humatics’ microlocation technology is breaking the chains that have bound the manufacturing industry and limited its breadth of potential applications.


KinetIQ 300’s high precision and performance capability in all weather conditions have immense potential to bring new levels of automation and efficiency to ZPMC’s container shipping equipment and services worldwide.

HAISHENG YANG, General Manager, Smart Solutions Group

We see great potential in Humatics’ microlocation technology. The ability to precisely and wirelessly locate objects at distances beyond one meter is a difficult challenge in today’s industrial environments. We look forward to partnering with Humatics to solve applications in material handling and intra-logistics vehicles, including mobile robots, AGVs, lift trucks, and cranes.

NORBERT POPP, VP Product Management

5D Robotics is now a part of Humatics. Leveraging 5D’s world-class technology, Humatics’ wireless microlocation sensors and analytics software will revolutionize the way that people and machines locate, navigate, and collaborate.