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Marc Johannes

Patent Counsel

Marc Johannes is a veteran patent lawyer with deep expertise in all aspects of patent prosecution and client counseling, including patent procurement, patent portfolio strategy and development, patent validity and infringement opinions, due diligence, clearance studies and advising clients in both offensive and defensive utilization of their intellectual property. Marc’s experience spans a variety of technologies such as extensive experience in imaging technologies including x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, medical imaging and equipment, computer vision and image processing, pattern recognition, and also includes experience in speech recognition and speech synthesis, electrical and optical devices, semiconductor devices, networking, MEMS devices and all aspects of software. Prior to joining the Wolf Greenfield, Marc served as a software engineer with Scansoft, where he was responsible for the design and development of an image acquisition, image processing, and optical character recognition application programming interface for document analysis and management applications. Marc’s graduate research has included projects in the areas of pattern recognition, computer vision and shape modeling, image understanding, and speech recognition systems. Marc received his BS magna cum laude in computer engineering from Tufts University; his MS in electrical engineering from Brown University; and his JD magna cum laude from Suffolk University Law School.