KinetIQ OS

Software for Spatial Intelligence

Easily provision, monitor and analyze
across all of your Humatics products

KinetIQ OS is grand central station for the Humatics’ Spatial Intelligence Platform. As a scalable, browser-based software platform, KinetIQ OS supports KinetIQ 100 and KinetIQ 300 microlocation product lines. The core KinetIQ OS features include modules for provisioning, monitoring, analyzing and visualizing KinetIQ product data in real-time.


Larger industrial installations of KinetIQ beacons and rangers can number in the hundreds. KinetIQ OS has a provisioning module to simplify the process with planning and deployment support processes. It’s also easy to make quick changes in operations, allowing you to scale your microlocation system on the fly.


Keep track of your KinetIQ system on a continuous basis to ensure optimal efficiency and system health. Users can use KinetIQ OS to ensure the system is performing according to industry specifications.


KinetIQ devices create a lot of data. Our analytics module helps you visualize invaluable location-based data across each installed device over different points in time. And our 3D visualizer gives contextual, real-time insight into your Humatics floor layout.