KinetIQ 100 Ranging & Localization Development Kit

Centimeter-scale distance measurement and positioning for research and education

Using Ultra Wideband (UWB) pulsed signaling optimized for two-way time-of-flight (TW-TOF) ranging and communications, the Humatics KinetIQ 100 development board provides wireless distance measurements with 2 cm precision.

The boards excel even in the most challenging environments (indoors, in tunnels, in very cluttered environments, in low visibility or harsh weather), places where traditional location- based technologies like GPS or LiDAR struggle or sometimes don’t work at all.

Measuring ranges with cm-scale accuracy allows you to create very precise tracking and navigation networks. RangeNet, Humatics’ localization software suite for research and education, builds upon TW-TOF ranging with a complete ranging network and a location engine to support navigation and tracking applications. Network coordination happens automatically on the KinetIQ 100 development board without the need for a connected host.

The software logs waveform scan data, provides bias adjustment and includes a patented range quality metric informing the user of blocked or compromised measurements. A feature-rich API with sample C and MATLAB code allows users to build their own custom interfaces.


  • Centimeter-scale precision over hundreds of meters
  • High performance in high multipath, RF-noisy environments
  • Collected waveform data logged to MATLAB-compatible files
  • Range error estimation provided
  • Ranging network with TDMA and ALOHA scheduler options
  • Location engine supporting:
  • Auto-survey of anchor node positions
  • Extended Kalman Filtering for mobile nodes
  • Detailed API with sample C and MATLAB code
  • Ideal for mobile ad hoc applications


  • Peer-to-peer ranging for collision avoidance
  • Indoor / GPS-denied navigation and tracking
  • Automated vehicle following & convoying
  • Autonomous vehicle guidance
  • Dynamic test measurement systems


  • 5 KinetIQ 100 dev boards in protective enclosures
  • 5 Broadspec UWB antennas
  • 5 Rechargeable USB batteries with chargers
  • RangeNet software (with license supporting networks of up to 10 nodes; additional license options available