KinetIQ 100 Lab

A full microlocation lab for research and education

Humatics’ KinetIQ 100 Lab offers researchers and educators the full spectrum of microlocation functionality – ranging & localization, communications, radar, and channel analysis. The Lab bundles KinetIQ 100 development boards with a variety of software tools intended to support product development, postgraduate research, and undergraduate labs.

The KinetIQ 100 Lab has been used for a variety of research activities, including but not limited to:

  • Development of UWB Networks
  • GPS-denied navigation and tracking
  • Radar imaging and vital signs detection
  • Development of multistatic radar sensor fields
  • Fused ranging/communications/radar applications
  • RF propagation and channel modeling

The Lab is a powerful teaching tool intended to bridge the gap between theory, as presented in lecture and text, and practice, as demonstrated in a laboratory exercise. The Lab is also ideal for Senior and Capstone projects or researchers working on larger microlocation initiatives.


  • High performance UWB ranging and radar
  • Centimeter-scale precision over hundreds of meters
  • Collected waveform data logged to MATLAB-compatible files
  • Sample C and MATLAB code allow development of custom applications
  • FCC-certified transmissions
  • Independent operating channels allow multiple users in the same area


  • Electromagnetics and RF propagation
  • Precision range measurement, tracking, and navigation
  • Radar
  • RF Communications
  • Ad hoc network formation
  • RF image processing
  • Target tracking based on radar or two-way ranging


  • 10 KinetIQ 100 dev boards in protective enclosures
  • 20 Broadspec UWB antennas
  • 10 Rechargeable USB batteries with chargers
  • RangeNet software (supports networks up to 10 nodes)
  • Monostatic Radar Module (MRM) software
  • Channel Analysis Tool (CAT) software