The Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform comprises the KinetIQ 100 and 300 product lines which offer unprecedented precision down to 2 centimeters for 1- to 3-D application requirements. KinetIQ OS brings it all together with a smart, intuitive browser-based software tool.

Read how ABI Research believes microlocation is essential to the AGV navigation technology stack.

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CM-Scale Microlocation

A single KinetIQ 100 or KinetIQ 300 Humatics system can pinpoint and uniquely identify multiple sensors at ranges up to 500 meters with centimeter-scale precision, vastly outperforming existing systems at a fraction of the cost. Our systems network together to provide broader ultra-precise positioning coverage – from factory work cells to entire distribution centers and beyond.

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MM-Scale Microlocation

The KinetIQ 1000 Base Station calculates object locations with millimeter-scale precision offering an RF-based alternative to expensive and fragile machine vision systems. With a wide field of view and range up to 10-30 meters, the KinetIQ 1000 is able to provide microlocation services across multiple shop floor work cells. General availability coming in 2019.

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The Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform™ will be capable of providing global coverage throughout an entire facility with centimeter-scale services augmented with millimeter-scale zones for work cells requiring higher precision.