Humatics™ Microlocation Platform

The Humatics microlocation platform not only makes your forklifts, tuggers, and other vehicles smarter

It makes you smarter


See a complete digital picture of all your mobile assets with full facility visibility in Milo software. Push and pull data to your fleet and mobile assets to enable better safety and productivity with improved tracking. 

Tap into microlocation data as a service to enable better fleet and workforce utilization through mobile asset tracking enabled by our extensible platform



Milo Software

The connective tissue between all your mobile assets, Milo, Humatics microlocation software, brings all your spatial data together with your full-stack platform to provide visibility into your entire operation for the first time.

Milo Application Layer

With the application layer in Milo, see spaghetti diagrams of where your vehicles have been and heatmaps highlighting vehicle dwell zones and areas of congestion. Discover new insights such as vehicle utilization and worker productivity to optimize intralogistics operations.

Milo Data Layer

The Milo data layer integrates, categorizes, and stores data from your 3rd party systems - WMS, WCS, MES and fleet management software - using a RESTful API and your mobile assets for better vehicle coordination and safety.

3rd Party Systems

Whether you're using WES, WCS, MES or your vehicles' fleet management software, Milo seamlessly integrates all your systems to optimize vehicle and asset flow and facility efficiency.

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Mobile Assets

Track all vehicles regardless of vendor, make, or model. Full visibility into how forklifts, tuggers, and other assets move through your facility.

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