Innovate with the best UWB microlocation technology available

832 At Humatics, we have a natural affinity for people who want to develop a product on the cutting edge, with better precision and robustness, helping their customers get the job done, better.

Every day we meet product developers who have ideas for applying our ultra-precise UWB technology in new and interesting ways, across a wide variety of applications. Intruder detection. A smarter lawnmower. Cancer research. You name it. Our most important question is “How can we help you help your customers?”

Your UWB dreams, realized

What would you do if you had the best UWB radios at your disposal? With Humatics UWB radios, you can imagine a better world with location data for your products, at your fingertips. Precision centimeter-scale ranging and localization, radar sensing, communications and networking, RF channel modeling, and more, packaged in one product line. Now you can make the impossible, possible, with Humatics UWB radios. 

Precision you can count on

When developing products on the bleeding edge, our customers typically ask for two things: precision and robustness. And we deliver, down to the centimeter. Humatics UWB Radios offer 2 cm of precision and our UWB signal works no matter the conditions: blistering heat, choking dust, rain, sleet, and even snow. By integrating Humatics UWB Radios into your products, you can add reliability and precision to your feature list.


“Working with MACHINDIA and Humatics to build a location management system for our overhead cranes is one the best decisions we’ve made. The result was a much-simplified architecture for location tracking of Tata Steel’s cranes in the harsh industrial setting of a steel plant. Adding Humatics UWB Radios contributed significantly to increasing reliability and uptime of our automation system.”

Prabhat K Tiwari, Head of System Integration

Tata Steel