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Shawn Henry

Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Henry is an accomplished engineer with over 26 years of collective experience developing and bringing business-critical software applications to the market. Shawn joins Humatics from Cisco, having served as General Manager of Cisco Defense Orchestrator. For the last 2 years, Shawn was responsible for the next-generation firewall engineering, a billion-dollar business and the cornerstone of the Cisco security business group. Previously, Shawn served as Vice President of Engineering at CloudSwitch, making it easy and safe to move enterprise workloads to the public cloud. CloudSwitch was purchased by Verizon in 2011, where Shawn built its cloud storage offering. Prior to CloudSwitch, Shawn was the engineering leader of RSA Security (now part of Dell), where he built the consumer authentication business through organic growth, followed by a series of three acquisitions to create over a $100 million subscription revenue business. Before that, Shawn held several engineering leadership roles at Service Integrity, FleetBoston Financial, and Worldstreet Corporation.