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Dan Levine


Dan is the managing partner of Tenfore Holdings. He has 6+ years experience working with Eddie Lampert overseeing, developing, and operating core and startup businesses, particularly within Sears Holdings, concentrating on eCommerce, mobile, social, machine learning, and local spaces. He has focused on multichannel experiences that leverage and link online, store, supply chain, pricing, inventory, merchandising, and analytics systems. Dan holds an AB from Harvard and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Tenfore Holdings is an investment management firm that provides operational value-added to growth-stage companies where technology plays a transformative role. The firm focuses on commerce and Big Data equity/debt investments where they can apply their operating experience and strategic relationships to enhance value. They have extensive experience operating at scale, and understand how to build smaller enterprises to scale. By providing capital, strategic guidance at the board level, and operational support to talented managers, Tenfore helps companies realize their full revenue, profit and market-value potential for the long-term.