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Press Release: Joffrey Lauthier Appointed Head of Dedicated NYC Humatics Team


New York, NY (July 29, 2020) – Humatics Corporation (“Humatics”), the pioneer in microlocation products and software, today announced that Joffrey Lauthier will lead their dedicated New York City team, further cementing their commitment to improving the city’s aging transit system. The announcement follows the completion of a 15-month signaling pilot leveraging ultra-wideband “UWB” technology with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Siemens on the L train.

“Signaling and transit accessibility is now more important than ever to get New York City moving again as we collectively recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Joffrey Lauthier, Director of Sales, Rail and Transit at Humatics. “Having worked in transit technology and railway infrastructure for over twenty years, I look forward to working with the Humatics team and the MTA to bring much-needed improvements to the subway that can have a real impact on the lives of everyday New Yorkers.”

Based in New York City, Joffrey Lauthier’s key responsibilities at Humatics include pioneering ultra-wideband microlocation technology in the public transit ecosystem and accelerating the global adoption of Humatics’ rail navigation solution.

An expert on signaling and communication systems for passenger rail, Joffrey Lauthier has over 20 years of experience in the field. He started his career designing and commissioning traffic control centers for transit agencies in North America. He then went on to manage signaling projects and lead the sales of communication-based train control systems with Alstom, GE Transportation, and Bombardier in Asia Pacific. Before joining Humatics, he was with SGS – the world’s leading inspection, testing, and certification company – where he grew a global business assessing the safety and interoperability of passenger trains.

“Joffrey has an incredible track record of delivering results and is a superb fit for leading our new dedicated New York City team as we work with the MTA to modernize the aging system and get New Yorkers moving again,” said David Mindell, founder and CEO of Humatics.

Beginning in March 2019, Humatics partnered with New York City Transit to launch the first-ever UWB deployment for train control, outfitting 5.5 miles of track with UWB infrastructure and equipping four train cars with UWB and inertial positioning technology. The successful pilot proved that Humatics’ rail navigation solution met all conditions to pursue safety certification across the system, is rugged enough to withstand the New York City transit environment, and delivers a higher positioning precision allowing trains to run closer to each other.


Specifically designed to address industrial localization challenges, Humatics UWB technology delivers unprecedented precision and range in mission-critical applications. Humatics’ system is easily integrated with other sensors and train control systems and fuses input data from these systems to deliver a highly-accurate positioning that can be relied upon for safe train operations.


Founded in 2015 by David Mindell, an engineer, historian, and Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Gary Cohen, a technology industry veteran, the Humatics team includes well-respected experts in technology, with extensive ties to NYU’s Rudin Center, Cornell Tech, and more. Humatics UWB was awarded the “technology of choice” for two of the four winners in the signaling category of the 2017 MTA Genius Challenge.


About Humatics

Recognized as the inventor and leader in industrial ultra-wideband, Humatics has built the first microlocation system for the industrial world that fuses proprietary industrial-grade UWB, sensors, and data, delivering best-in-class range and precision and enabling transit systems to navigate safely and reliably. Our breakthrough microlocation products include the Humatics Rail Navigation System, enabling transit systems to improve their train navigation capabilities, and the first-ever microlocation-on-a-chip technology for mm-scale tracking in industries such as manufacturing, medical, and industrial application. Customers use Humatics’ systems to solve mission-critical localization and navigation challenges in harsh environments where other technologies fall short.

Founded by world leaders in AI-assisted piloting, autonomous navigation, and high-precision radar, Humatics is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts with an office in Huntsville, Alabama. Humatics is the underlying technology behind two out of the four winners in the Signaling category for the MTA Genius Transit Challenge and, in 2019, completed a successful UWB Pilot with the MTA, demonstrating that UWB can cost-effectively accelerate MTA signaling modernization. For more information, visit