Vehicle Tracking & Platooning

Safely locate and track without satellites and cameras

Manufacturing and logistics companies have come to the realization that GPS, even when enhanced with new satellite systems (GNSS) and combined with inertial sensors, don’t work in either indoors or in challenging outdoor environments (underground, urban and natural canyons) to the accuracy level required for solving valuable problems. Other sensor technologies such as LIDAR, cameras, and ultrasonic have attempted to fill this gap but have fallen short due to either high cost, inability to perform in bad weather, high power consumption, or some combination thereof.

The inability of current technologies to adequately solve the localization problem has been a limiting factor to the wide-scale adoption of smart mobility solutions. Humatics’ microlocation technology opens new opportunities for superior tracking and fleet platooning capabilities that weren’t possible before.

Humatics helps engineers requiring precise localization to increase operational efficiency, prevent costly collisions, and increase throughput. Humatics’ KinetIQ 300 system has been used to: :

  • Improve situational awareness for operators of large mining trucks
  • Track forklifts as they maneuver in a warehouse
  • Maintain safe distances among construction vehicles
  • Locate automobiles within their own lane on 6th Avenue in NYC
  • Allow autonomous vehicles to platoon more precisely and follow leaders
  • Report the positions of people moving through an area