Tool Tracking

Track tool movements to reduce errors and increase auditability

Tool tracking today is limited to scanning barcodes or imprecise locations using RTLS or RFID tags. Humatics can help improve productivity by ensuring you know where your tools are at all times, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. What if you could track the endpoint of a tool to less than the thickness of a bolt or screw — while it’s being used?

Humatics adds new tool tracking capabilities thanks to the powerful microlocation hardware and software tools available within our Spatial Intelligence Platform. The combination of KinetIQ 300 hardware and KinetIQ OS software allows for centimeter-scale monitoring and analyzing of precise tool motions in industrial environments.

The ultimate objective for tool tracking is to eliminate defects and produce better products faster. Humatics generates actionable intelligence so you can:

  • ensure that the tool is being used to complete tasks in the proper order and on the right equipment
  • guarantee that no task steps are missed
  • verify that the tool is being used correctly (for example, making certain bolts are torqued in the right amount)
  • identify common tool usage patterns in worker motions
  • enable perfect traceability for safety critical operations or tool defect detection
  • produce data useful for auditing manufacturing process and ensuring compliance with all industry standards