Rail Signaling

Microlocation for Positive Train Control Systems

Rail networks moving people and products are a critical element of our transportation infrastructure. Tier 1 rail operators recognized early on the promise of Humatics’ location technology for collision avoidance and worker safety and have been rewarded with improved safety and greater operational efficiency. But there are many more opportunities for growth in this industry, which is in the midst of a major modernization effort.

Humatics’ superior ranging capability is being used daily to measure the spacing between rail maintenance vehicles, offering speed-based approach alerts to ensure that the operators maintain a safe distance between vehicles in GPS-denied areas. Costly collisions that used to number in the dozens per year have dropped to zero. The KinetIQ 100 is capable of providing reliable performance in the harshest RF and physical conditions – tunnels, canyons, low visibility areas, and severe weather.

One Humatics customer, Metrom Rail, is working with the cities of Boston and New York to develop products for mass transit systems. Humatics’ Spatial Intelligence Platform is being used by Metrom’s Aura family of products as both an advisory system as well as a positive train control system that ensures speed and signal compliance should the operator fail to act. Our technology enables trains to run closer together and to increase capacity on systems struggling to keep up with growing metro populations.

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