Industry 4.0

Microlocation-as-a-Service Unlocks the Potential of Industry 4.0 and Flexible Factory

Industry 4.0 and the Flexible Factory aren’t just market hype terms anymore. At the center of these initiatives is the need to know precisely where everything is within and outside the factory walls. 

The Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform™ delivers real-time centimeter- and millimeter-level location services to industrial applications such as AGV navigation, tool tracking, vehicle tracking & platooning, and crane positioning. Imagine microlocation deployed like WiFi as a factory-wide service: mobile robots and drones have a robust ‘indoor GPS’ with which to navigate; work cells have position-aware tools that automatically adjust and provide feedback to operators; workers and robots safely collaborate in closer proximity; and cranes and other material handling systems subscribe to a global, precise coordinate frame for positioning. Microlocation’s ‘virtual grid’ allows manufacturers to easily relocate and synchronize these systems, realizing a truly Flexible Factory.  

Once the Spatial Intelligence Platform is deployed for one or more lead applications, its ROI grows exponentially as other applications are added with minimal incremental cost. Imagine the value of precise spatial intelligence spanning the entire factory: from workers and equipment on the production line, to forklifts and trucks at the loading docks, to material handling systems and robots. Today’s Digital Twins are typically constrained to a machine or work cell. Scaling the benefits of spatial intelligence up to an entire facility makes possible the ultimate vision of the Digital Twin: the factory itself as the robot.