Education & Research

Ranging, radar and localization tools to push forward new ideas

At Humatics we have a natural affinity for those with a curious nature and innovative spirit. Every day we meet researchers and product developers who have ideas for applying our technology in new and interesting ways, across a wide variety of fields. We love to explore with the brightest minds in radio and radar technology, and offer development tools to help them push the limits of what microlocation and sensing can achieve in industries such as industrial automation, mobile robotics, mining, construction, entertainment, physical security, defense, and many more.

MIT, ETH Zurich, the National University of Singapore, Georgia Tech, Tsinghua University, KAIST, and many others use our technology for undergraduate labs, interim projects, senior projects, and graduate studies. Our Labs and Kits have been used to teach:

  • Electromagnetics and RF channel modeling
  • Precision ranging and localization
  • Radar sensing
  • Communications and networking

Our KinetIQ 100 Kits and Lab packages offer tremendous value, both as development platforms for researchers and product developers as well as educational tools for students and professors. The performance of the KinetIQ 100 offers broad and intuitive functionality for Ultra Wideband (UWB) precision distance measurement, ad hoc network formation, radar sensing, and signal processing. Our kits and lab packages are carefully designed to provide researchers the tools needed to achieve success quickly — whether the goal is for demonstration, teaching, evaluation and research, or development and prototyping.