Drone Navigation

Precision Navigation In
GPS-Degraded Environments

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are powerful tools making an impact in a wide variety of applications — from inspecting infrastructure to monitoring hazardous environments. Most UAVS, however, are still operated by humans, and usually outdoors. What if they could fly on their own, in any environment?

Autonomous UAVs based solely on GPS signals have serious safety and reliability issues, don’t function well in complex urban environments, and don’t work at all indoors. Alternatively, LiDAR systems are expensive and cumbersome while optical sensors are slow, consume a lot of power, and requirecomplex algorithms to understand their environment.

The Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform™ is comprised of centimeter- and millimeter-scale microlocation systems and analytics software that supports quick and robust drone positioning and navigation in any environment. Outfitting your UAVs with KinetIQ sensors enables you to:

  • Capture and calculate precise and reliable 3D positions during inspection missions
  • Fly autonomously indoors, under bridges, in tunnels, and other GPS-denied areas
  • Transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor operations
  • Automate landing without GPS, and then transition back to GPS when it is available