Crane Positioning

Precise crane position measurement in any environment

There are many industrial applications where large expensive equipment moves in a linear fashion. These are predictable movements, but they demand precise measurement. Measuring distance between two points with high accuracy is at the core of what we do at Humatics. Our ranging systems provide centimeter-level accuracy in complex indoor environments and outdoors in all lighting and weather conditions.

Early adopters of our KinetIQ centimeter-scale microlocation systems were industrial users of man-operated machines seeking enhanced position information to prevent costly collisions in GPS-denied environments. As machines become increasingly automated, precise positioning has only become more important. Customers are leveraging the precision of Humatics technology to measure:

  • The linear movement of gantry bridges and hoists
  • The extension of crane arms and hydraulic cylinders
  • The height of industrial lifts and forks on lift trucks
  • The deflection (bend) of items under environmental stress

Read how Tata Steel, one of the largest steel steel-making countries in the world, uses the KinetIQ 100 to increase crane automation usage and decrease onsite worker incidents.

Read the Tata Steel case study