Humatics microlocation and Spatial Intelligence™ help people
and robots work together – closely, safely and collaboratively.


Humatics’ breakthrough microlocation system and analytics software comprise a Spatial Intelligence Platform™ that will revolutionize how people and machines locate, navigate and collaborate. A single Humatics system, using simple, inexpensive radio-frequency technology, can pinpoint multiple, moving transponder targets at ranges up to thirty meters with millimeter-scale precision, vastly outperforming existing systems at a fraction of the cost.  These systems can network together to provide broader, ultra-precise positioning coverage – from factory work cells to entire distribution centers and beyond. With its extensible architecture and application programming interfaces (APIs), the Spatial Intelligence Platform™ will power an ecosystem of new position-based products and services.

For now, we’re staying pretty tight-lipped about the specifics of our breakthrough microlocation system and Spatial Intelligence PlatformTM.  But we’re already piloting our system with key industrial automation and manufacturing partners. For our partners and others, millimeter-scale precision can dramatically improve safety, efficiency and productivity, and create tremendous value.

Imagine the possibilities — people and robots working together closely, safely and collaboratively.  Augmented reality systems registering images to millimeter precision.  Drones hovering with exquisite precision while making millimeter-scale maps.  Military aircraft landing safely in all conditions.  Professional athletes optimizing their performance.  Autonomous vehicles driving with enhanced confidence.  Precise prediction of human motion in healthcare settings, predicting and avoiding injury, and speeding recovery.

Our products will allow engineers, scientists, designers, artists, filmmakers, factory workers and others to open up new vistas through the precise connection of the spatial and digital worlds.

To accomplish these things, we’re building a great team of ambitious, creative, get-it-done people to help us perfect our microlocation system and Spatial Intelligence Platform™.  We take inspiration from pioneering explorers like our founding advisors Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic shipwreck, and Dave Scott, Apollo 15 astronaut and the seventh person to walk on the Moon.  Check out our posting of open positions.  Join us.  Be a part of something spatial.